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Cumboots Dairy Farm Fresh Milk


Udderly Fantastic Farm Fresh Milk


Here at Cumboots Dairy Farm, we are now selling our milk direct at the farm gate, through our new Milk Vending Machine. Purchase a reusable glass bottle, or bring your own.

Reducing food miles and plastic waste. Whilst supporting local farmers and small businesses.


Pasteurised, but not homogenised or standardised. Our milk is produced from a small herd of free-range cows who happily graze the fields here at the farm. They are milked twice a day, and some of that milk is gently pasteurised on site and available for sale through the vending machine.


We are very excited to share our milk with you and hope that you find it’s as good as milk used to be, udderly fantastic. With its cream layer and extra milky taste, we’re sure you’ll be back for more.

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